End of Month Update-April 2016

Processed with Rookie

Assets: Total: $13758.44–>$14421.54

Checking Accounts: Total: $1027.08–>$1074.80

  1. Checking Account I: $1026.08–>$1073.80
  2. Checking Account II: $1.00–>$1.00

Savings Accounts: Total: $(14.13)–>$(26.13)

  1. Savings Account I: $(17.39)–>$(29.39)
  2. Savings Account II: $0.24–>$0.24
  3. Savings Account III: $3.02–>$3.02

Other Accounts: Total: $60.00–>$60.00

  1. Paypal: $60.00–>$60.00

Retirement Accounts: Total: $5537.91–>$6209.26

  1. 401(k) I: $4534.07–>$5030.77
  2. 401(k) II: $1003.84–>$1178.49

College 529 Fund: Total: $125.56–>$127.63

  1. State College 529 Fund: $125.56–>$127.63

Brokerages: Total: $162.50–>$125.46

  1. Brokerage I: $162.50–>$125.46

Personal Loans to Others: Total: $6859.52–>$6850.52

  1. J 1: $6352.52–>$6850.52
  2. J 2: $507.00–>$0.00

Debts: Total: $13742.98–>$12180.39

Credit Cards: Total: $4082.41–>$4103.93

  1. Credit Card I:$2618.95–>$2675.47
  2. Credit Card II:$1463.46–>$1428.46

Student Loans: Total: $3760.57–>$2176.46

  1. Student Loan I: $3760.57–>$2176.46

Personal Loans: Total: $5900.00–>$5900.00

  1. W: $700.00–>$700.00
  2. R: $3000.00–>$3000.00
  3. M: $2200.00–>$2200.00

Total Net Worth as of 4/30/2016: $15.46–>$2241.15


J 1

Assets: Total: $1.83–>$328.47

Checking Accounts: $0.00–>$6.00

  1. Checking Account I: $0.00–>$6.00

Savings Accounts: $1.83–>$322.47

  1. Savings Account I: $1.83–>$322.47

Debts: Total: $6713.69–>$15387.54

Credit Cards: $361.17–>$342.02

  1. Credit Card I: $361.17–>$342.02

Loans: $8195.00

  1. Car Loan 1: $8195.00
  2. Car Loan 2: $???

Personal Loans: $6352.52–>$6850.52

  1. Loan to me: $6352.52–>$6850.52

Total Net Worth as of 4/30/2016: $(6711.86)–>(15059.07)


J 2

Assets: Total: $571.70

Checking Accounts: $17.33

  1. Checking Account I: $16.33
  2. Checking Account II: $1.00

Savings Accounts: $128.93

  1. Savings Account I: $128.93

Retirement Accounts: $425.44

  1. 401(k): $425.44

Debts: Total: $11674.68

Credit Cards: $3364.55

  1. Credit Card I: $476.11
  2. Credit Card II: $508.09
  3. Credit Card III:$841.14
  4. Credit Card IV: $94.16
  5. Credit Card V: $1445.05

Student Loans: $3284.57

  1. Student Loan I: $1840.57
  2. Student Loan II: $1043.38
  3. Student Loan III: $223.75
  4. Student Loan IV: $176.87

Loans: $5025.56

  1. Car Loan: $5025.56

Collections: $???

  1. Collections I: $???

Total Net Worth as of 4/30/2016: $(11102.98)


Changes from last month:

On top of everything else, I took my SO under my wing. I have control over her finances just as I have over my friend(weird how both their names start with J). I am teaching her how to use her money and showing her as I help her. I’m hoping this will be a remedy to the problems she’s  having with finances. I’ve added collections into the mix for her just so that we have an accurate picture of what’s going on(once we have that information from them). I have started using Personal Capital for both my friend and SO so that we can see the progress along all three accounts instead of just mine. I can’t remember if I said this already or not, but this is only until they are in a place where they do not need me help at this extreme level. Once they’re at that point, I will give back everything for them to figure out and work on. That being said, I also told both of them if at any point they want me out, then I’ll leave without protest. Everyone has to live their own lives, and shouldn’t have to go to some third party for every little thing. Should they go back to their old habits afterwards, then so be it. At least I tried. So going forward, J1 is my friend, and J2 is my SO.


As for me, the biggest change is the fact that an oversight by me lowered my school loan and the balance was due by the school. That’s why my 529 is $1500 lower than I expected it was going to be at the end of the month. I’ve also dipped below the minimum threshold for my brokerage and will either have to put more money in to keep it open, or sell and close the account. I haven’t decided what I want to do as of now, but it will more than likely be the latter.


On a brighter note, my one 401(k) has risen over $5000. That makes me happy. I know it isn’t a drop in the bucket compared to some others I’ve seen, let alone for retirement, but it’s a light that shows that I am saving little by little. I like looking at what’s here, what’s not here, and what could’ve been here to see just how much I’m saving/losing. Like I said, seeing +$6000 in those two retirement accounts makes me feel good because that shows that that is $6000 that wasn’t wasted and is going to my end goal. The flip side to that coin is seeing over $6000 lent to a friend to pay their bills. That money could’ve almost paid off school for the rest of the year. It could’ve been used to wipe out my credit card debt and leave me some leftover. I don’t regret helping a friend in need, but at the same time it makes me longing for where I could have been if I was never given that choice.