End of Month Update-March 2016

Assets: Total: $11355.07–>$13758.44

Checking Accounts: Total: $20.46–>$1027.08

  1. Checking Account I: $20.08–>$1026.08
  2. Checking Account II: $0.38–>$1.00

Savings Accounts: Total: ($2.13)–>($14.13)

  1. Savings Account I: ($5.39)–>($17.39)
  2. Savings Account II: $0.24–>$0.24
  3. Savings Account III: $3.02–>$3.02

Other Accounts: Total: $60.00–>$60.00

  1. Paypal: $60.00–>$60.00


Retirement Accounts: Total: $4618.22–>$5537.91

  1. 401(k) I: $3804.85–>$4534.07
  2. 401(k) II: $813.37–>$1003.84

College 529 Fund: Total: $117.12–>$125.56

  1. State College 529 Fund: $117.12–>$125.56

Brokerages: Total: $160.88–>$162.50

  1. Brokerage I: $160.88–>$162.50


Personal Loans to Others: Total: $6440.52–>$6859.52

  1. J 1: $6352.52–>$6352.52
  2. J 2: $88.00–>$507.00

Debts: Total: $10112.90–>$13742.98

Credit Cards: Total: $4212.90–>$4082.41

  1. Credit Card I:$2729.29–>$2618.95
  2. Credit Card II:$1483.61–>$1463.46


Student Loans: Total: $3750.00–>$3760.57

  1. Student Loan I: $3750.00–>$3760.57

Personal Loans: Total: $5900.00–>$5900.00

  1. W: $700.00–>$700.00
  2. R: $3000.00–>$3000.00
  3. M: $2200.00–>$2200.00


Total Net Worth as of 3/31/2016: $1242.17–>$15.46

Net Worth


My +1

Assets: Total: $17.67–>$1.83

Checking Accounts: $0.00–>$0.00

  1. Checking Account I: $0.00–>$0.00

Savings Accounts: $17.67–>$1.83

  1. Savings Account I: $17.67–>$1.83

Debts: Total: $6734.05–>$6713.69

Credit Cards: $381.53–>$361.17

  1. Credit Card I: $381.53–>$361.17

Personal Loans: $6352.52–>$6352.52

  1. Loan to me: $6352.52–>$6352.52

Total Net Worth as of 3/31/2016: ($6711.86)


Changes from last month:

So while my assets went up, so did my debts, thus bringing my total net worth down to the double digits. At least it’s in the black, right? Riiiight?


Nothing really to note other than still giving away money like I actually have some to spare. That and my one 401(k) finally broke $1000.00. So that’s exciting to me. I do want to note that I finally got the balance for my loan at the beginning of the month and it has already accumulated ten dollars…and it’s only going to get worse every month. This is a great illustration of how loans can harm you. Unfortunately, they’re necessary in a lot of cases, so you can’t always avoid them.

It will be interesting to see how April turns out since there are three paychecks that month.

One thought on “End of Month Update-March 2016

  1. My Roth IRA crossed the 1k threshold this month, too. See, March wasn’t all bad! 😉

    I wish I was going to get three paychecks in the month of April, that would be a treat! Unfortunately, I’m only paid once a month.

    Keep on keeping on! 🙂


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