The Million Dollar Club

I recently came across J. Money’s site( and found quite a bit of useful information. Actually, I found a lot of useful info. He’s been going at it for a while now and obviously knows what he is talking about. The one thing I found that stood out on his site from other people’s blogs/sites is that he made a sort of club for [aspiring] millionaires. I love the idea and it helps add a layer of accountability for those who want to become financially independent. So I am making my pledge today!


Rodrigo’s Million Dollar Pledge

I pledge to:

  • avoid/pay off/keep the smallest debt possible
  • put in as much money into tax-efficient accounts(until I finally max them out)
  • make smart decisions when spending my money


I’m sure this pledge will be added to or changed in the future, but this is where I am at this moment. Life is ever changing, after all. Let’s ever change towards our goals.

4 thoughts on “The Million Dollar Club

  1. J. Money is definitely on the ball. I have also read his site. That is a worthy goal and openly pledging does add psychological accountability which is an important step in staying with our goals. Especially when it requires a long and disciplined commitment. Whenever I encountered setbacks during our FI journey I would just strive to continue always moving forward and learn from the negative events that WILL happen in life.


    1. This exactly. I feel like people underestimate the psychological aspect of this. A lot of times they run out of steam, or feel that whatever setbacks they’re encountering are too overwhelming to continue-especially in the beginning. It’s nice to have something to hold yourself accountable and to always try to move forward, no matter what life throws at you.


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