2016: Rising from the Ashes

Forgive me for the cliché title, but since my story so common and relatable(though most don’t/choose not to see it), I found it fitting.

This is what I’m starting 2016, and my lifelong journey, with:

Assets: Total:$4571.02

Checking Accounts: Total:$644.74

  1. Checking Account I:$642.72
  2. Checking Account II:$2.02

Savings Accounts: Total:$18.85

  1. Savings Account I:$18.61
  2. Savings Account II:$0.24

Retirement Accounts: Total:$3662.93

  1. 401(k) I:$2937.65
  2. 401(k) II:$725.28

Brokerages: Total:$

  1. Brokerage I:$244.50


Debts: Total:$9940.66

Credit Cards: Total:$4240.66

  1. Credit Card I:$2782.98
  2. Credit Card II:$1457.68

Personal Loans: Total:$5700.00

  1. W:$700.00
  2. R:$3000.00
  3. M:$2000.00


Total Net Worth as of 01/01/2016: -$5369.64


Definitely not spectacular. I read/hear it’s average or a little worse than my peers in my age group, but it’s still defeating nonetheless.

I have multiple accounts because they’re either being used for different purposes, or are going to be used for different purposes(all legal, I assure you) and the brokerage is just something I was playing around with in 2015 that I feel much more comfortable leaving where it is. As far as the loans go, they’re from friends and family, and while they’re not from an institution, I still honor them as such because I don’t want to lose my personal connections and it’s the right thing to do(most of us know what it’s like to be burned by a friend/family member, myself included).

I am lucky to be working two jobs, and although this could change instantly, without notice(I don’t exactly have stable jobs and am very expendable), they’re the best I have at my disposal.

Happy New Year to all! Let’s see how this year goes.

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