2015: A Time to Reflect and Learn

As the year ends, I reflect on the choices I’ve made. All in all, I am disappointed.

I landed an awesome job with awesome coworkers, got my Associate’s degree, and was able to keep my relationship on track despite a couple heavy storms. Why am I disappointed then?

Because I’m the same as I was last year.

Everything that I gained was zeroed out by the bad choices I made along the way. The end result is a man no different than my 2014 counterpart as far as society goes.

The one good thing this year brought me was enough resentment over my stagnation to apply myself to change. I applied to a local University, heavily studied good personal finance habits and financial independence, and have strengthened, at the very least, the most important relationships in my life.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, even with those three huge accomplishments under 2015’s belt, it still wasn’t enough to outweigh the mistakes from the previous few years. They were pretty bad. I’m still trying to dig myself, in every aspect, out of that hole.

Things are looking up though. I’m starting 2016 accepted to the University that will set me up for my dream career; I’m on good terms with my SO and our relationship has promise to grow and recover from it’s sickness; and, probably most importantly in terms of fueling the other two points, I am fully aware of how stupid wasteful I was all these years(having a net worth of essentially zero with no assets working ungodly amounts of hours isn’t exactly my version of a good life) and have made a plan to strategically set myself up for financial independence.

That’s the point of this blog. It will be a record of my progress and, hopefully, motivate others to take the jump. I wish you the best of luck with your ambitions.

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